Integrated Facility Management

Integrated Facility Management

Professional Integrated Facility Management - efficient and effective delivery of support services - is essential for safe operations of Electrical systems. With its wide range of capabilities and dedicated team of qualified engineers, supervisors and office staff, Shankar Electricals provides the best IFM solutions to customers enhancing the life of people and productivity of businesses.

The installation and maintenance of electro-mechanical systems are important for reliable and optimal performance.

Shankar Electrical has a great reputation as IFM services provider for over two decades.

We help the customers in installation, maintenance and repair of the entire electro-mechanical engineering systems and help them maintain the higher standards of safety and reliability.

We have put in place:

  • A quality assurance process.
  • An inspection and monitoring system for safe and optimal functioning of the systems.
  • Repairs and replacement of defective parts.
  • A checking for pressure, power surges, temperature fluctuations, vibrations and other unnecessary forceful impacts.

An electrical hazard warning system providing timely warning against fire and other kinds of hazards.

Sustainable energy and environmental practices are the norm these days.
They not only improve the operational efficiency of businesses but also boost their profitability.

Good environmental and energy management requires strict compliance with regulations, standards and a range of support systems.

Shankar Electricals is a pioneer in sustainable energy and environmental management. We bring together technical experts, environmental specialists and energy management consultants in relevant industries to guide and implement the best sustainable environment and energy practices. We have the necessary scientific and technical knowledge software tools and professionally qualified human resources.

We have earned the trust, confidence and respect for our services from our customers.

A Healthy and safe work place is an imperative across sectors and industries.

It’s important that workers are provided a safe and healthy work environment and are not exposed to electrical hazards.

It is the responsibility of the supervisors to implement safety programs and ensure that employees comply with them.

Shankar Electricals is a leader in Environmental Health &Safety. We expertise in:

  • Framing policy and guidelines
  • Knowledge of workplace environmental health and safety rules and regulations
  • Inspect and monitor equipment, work areas, facilities.
  • Implement best EHS work practices and procedures
  • Meticulous record keeping and reporting.

Supply chain management is the active streamlining a business’s supply side activities like flow of goods, services and processes.

It helps them maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in market place. SCM brings together people, properties, processes, vendors and market information to deliver the desired products or services to the end customer.

Technology has made SCM simple and easy.

Shankar Electricals has put in place a super-efficient supply chain management system which brings in enormous cost savings and profits to our customers.

We have always kept pace with the latest technologies, techniques and management practices in tune with the times.

Pest and Rodents can pose danger to people, machinery and electrical systems. So, pest control becomes a necessary and important function.

Shankar Electricals offers quality pest control services to its customers. The chemicals used in pest control are WHO approved, safe, non-toxic, pleasant in odor and are mild.

We identify the needs of our customers and provide innovative and effective pest control solutions to them.

Shankar Electricals is well known for its prompt and efficient house keeping

It has a large database of well-trained housekeeping staff thatlooks after the needs of our customers& their Premises.

We take great care in selecting the best housekeeping staff, from managers, supervisors to operational staff to ensure efficient housekeeping.
Shankar Electricals collaborates with several security agencies in providing our customers with professional security and safety services at their premises.

We deploy dedicated, professional and courteous security guards, field staff and managers who strive hard to provide round the clock security and safety to our esteemed customers.