Value Added Services

Value Added Services

SESIPL helps you to bring in bespoke value-added solutions for your organization to stay ahead with emerging challenges so that you can go a long way to grow and deliver a competitive advantage for your business. You can just focus on your core business while we manage with the services.

Shankar Electricals provide VAS in various field of Electrical Systems:

SESIPL aims of implementing energy efficiency actions,it is very important to have improving energy efficiency process, for your alignment we provide services like Renting, conduct Audits on Electrical Equipment and Installations of the same.

We rent the following:

  • DG Sets
  • Air Conditioner Units
  • UPS / Inverters / LT Panel

Implement all Electrical and Mechanical Audits and Installations

We provide Power quality analysis & monitoring solutions for the electrical

equipment’s and understand how much energy being supplied to it.We make sure it is according to the parameters allowing electrical systems to function in their intended manner.

We carry out thermo graphicenergy inspections for faults by our professionals for precisely predicting the heat patterns in operational system components so that malfunctioning, loose connections in the case of electrical equipment.

We provide Harmonics detection to find faults and also determine the healthiness of the power system and its auxiliary equipment.

There will be power quality problems caused by harmonic frequencies resulting in increased heating in Electrical equipment.

At SESIPL, we carry out this process of inspecting electrical and mechanical equipment by obtaining heat distribution pictures through Thermo screening. Here the components in a system shows increase in temperature when malfunctioning.

Thermo Screening have become portable and easy to operate controls.

Energy Audit of Electrical Installations is a fundamental part of the overall energy audit of complex electrical systems. We identify opportunities for saving energy and money while keeping the same level of comfort, productivity and preparation of an action plan for desirable outcome.